Medina Road, City Center Block-D, 7th Floor, Suite 16.
Jeddah, KSA.


Our purpose is to serve our clients so that their expectations for their event (as each project regardless to its scale is treated as a special event for the company to comply with at highest standards and awareness) are met and even exceeded. Our most important service / output is happy, 100% satisfied customer.

Clients approaching Building Roots are met with all the company expertise to make sure covering their needs and even being as an adviser to enhance the quality of their projects with the least cost by using the Value Engineering (VE) techniques.

They will experience a successful firm that is humane, ethical, positive and dedicated to its vision, with ethical and social responsibility from all its aspects and point of view.

We hire people with high education, knowledge and expertise in the Construction Industry. They are informed and dedicated to the vision of the business.  The entire staff, from owner to helper, will work toward the vision of the event, and keep it in mind throughout the activities leading up to and through the event.

The staff will be treated with respect. We will train staff, and reinforce their skills. They will understand the vision and mission of the business. They will have a clear understanding of their daily duties, and the requirements of each event.  They will be empowered to be creative thinkers, contribute to the vision and problem-solve.