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Who We Are

Building Roots, an established engineering and contracting firm, was founded in 2005 by a collective of engineering veterans, leaders in their fields of expertise in the construction industry with 30 years of experience under their belts.

 The know-how and diversity of the firm’s creators generates harmony and strengthens the management’s leadership, given their extensive understanding of the Gulf markets, specifically that of Saudi Arabia. 

Working on high profile, multi-billion dollar projects in the Kingdom and internationally, as well as collaborating with international and high powered contractors of the likes of A/E offices, consultants and project management firms such as Saudi Bin Laden Group, Bechtel, CCC, Al-Mabani, Dar Al Handasah, Arup, Ellerbe Becket, W&A, HLW, etc… Has contributed to elevate the portfolio of the firm and make Building Roots Co. a heavy-weight in its category.

We are specialized in concrete works in the Construction Industry Services (CIS) (at all scale levels) utilizing all the engineering services related to its production, thus becoming pioneers in this sector of the Saudi market.

Our mission

Building Roots Co. is a full service Engineering and Contracting Firm, specialized in concrete works execution as well as a large array of proficiency in every phase of construction.

The firm’s aim is to combine extraordinary quality structures within a minimal time frame of execution.

This equation is usually a rarity among most contractors, yet we strive and achieve this goal time and time again.

We are determined not only to achieve the vison of our clients, but to exceed their expectations. We treat each project, regardless of its scale,our teams are held to the highest of standards in order to surpass the hopes of our patrons.



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Our main ambition is a happy satisfied client.

Customers approaching Building Roots Co. are met with all the expertise that the company has to offer to insure that all their requirements are executed with excellence while containing budgets by using the Value Engineering (VE) techniques. Our objective would be that the client experiences an effective operational firm that is humane, ethical, positive and dedicated to its vision, with moral and social responsibility in all its endeavors and undertakings. 

We pride ourselves on hiring accomplished and well educated individuals, with extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. They must be well versed and devoted to the vision of the business. The entire staff, from owner to helpers, will work tirelessly to achieve the vision of the project, never losing sight of delivering excellence throughout the course of the assignment. We believe in treating all our members with the utmost respect by nurturing their talents and training them to reinforce their skills. 

Understanding the vision and mission of the business is fundamental. The company’s axiom is to create empowered and resourceful thinkers, not only following requirements, but contributing to the overall vision of the task at hand and resolving all potential impediments. 

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to satisfy our clients’ demands with accuracy.

To that end, our two pillars of conduct are:

  • Being humane, ethical, positive and dedicated in our accomplishments.
  • Treating our clients with respect to insure that their experience is outstanding.
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Our Values


  1. Transparency in all our deals
  2. Commitment to all our promises
  3. Respect at all levels


  1. Protecting the interest of all parties connected to Building Roots on all levels of involvement in our business.
  2. Fostering long term relationships between all disciplines in the projects.
  3. Following the established system rigorously, while continuing development policies in parallel


  1. Abiding by our commitments
  2. Creating Solidarity and unity between staff and third parties

We Provide The Best Service In the Industry

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