Kudai Project

Estimated $3.5 Billion Project, 12 towers 45 stories high, with 10,000 bedrooms,70 restaurants and five rooftop helipads approximately , covering an area of 1.4 Million Square Meters. Building Roots had been awarded the concrete works for the tower 5B of a total height of 235m with a 2m transition slab at the height of 140m. The firm purchased the latest sliding formwork system from DOKA for all the cores and main shear walls to accomplish the project in a due time, knowing that, the site logistics and access was quite difficult. In addition to the contribution in other concrete works related to the foundation and podium of the main central towers. The contract value was SR135M for the workmanship and formwork only for a total quantity of more than 100,000 cum of cast in situ concrete.

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