The Kind Abdullah University of Science and Technology, located in Thowal 91km from Heddah City Center-KSA, is considered as one of the biggest Universities in the Middle East, and the demand for a residential complex was high and for that the university residential complex is 2,200 villas with all the supporting utilities, mosques etc.

Each Villa comprises three levels of a foot print equivalent to almost around 250sqm comprising 350 cum of cast in situ concrete and 70 pieces of pre-cast panels for the villa skin / envelope.

Building Roots had been awarded from SBG Saudi Bin Laden Group 600 villas as turn key comprising 210,000 cum of concrete and the pre-cast clad for the 2,200 villas comprising 165,000 elements.

The Project was rush project and Building Roots accomplished so in 24 months.

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