KAIA (phase-1) King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah is a US$10billions project and one of the biggest international airports worldwide comprising 46 gates, projected to host 30 million visitors yearly. the concrete volume in the project is more than 5.5 million cubic meter that is required to be casted in a very short period of time. Building Roots Co. and as being one of the concrete contractor pioneers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was awarded by SBG the Utility Tunnel, Elevated Road / Interchange Area, Portion of Arterial 4, GSE Tunnel and Load Center ‘C’, Maintenance Building, APM Tunnel, 21km Open channel, 4km SEC tunnels and Drinking Water Pumping Station as well as other facilities scattered in the logistic village of the project. Building Roots’ scope of work for the KAIA Project / Phase-1 comprises of almost 1,200,000 cum plus of cast in situ concrete, which is almost 22% of the total concrete works of this mega scale project. Through the use of latest techniques and methods from the site management and preparation, shuttering, etc. Building Roots Co. achieved this project in half of the estimated timeframe.

Utility Tunnel 

The Utility Tunnel is 9.6km long containing almost 600,000 cum of cast in situ concrete work and acts as the main service for the PTB Building. It was accomplished in a very limited time using DOKA / Framax Panels for the foundations and walls, and staxo 40 with table system for the slab.

Elevated Road / Interchange Area 

A simply supported system, considered as one of the most complicated simply supported system worldwide, with 107 decks of a length exceeding over 4km. The job had been accomplished in an extraordinary time frame. From the pile head breaking to the pile cap, pier, pier head and deck, in addition to the installation of all the relevant items as shear keys, bearing pads, neoprene membrane (compressible filler) and pot bearings (where needed for the 162 lm continuous deck), including the guard rail. Doka Staxo 100 with the table system and a very smart solution for the de-shuttering procedures, used for the first time in the Middle-East, reducing the job’s time frame in a drastic way, in addition to the proper site management, resource allocation, as well as close and continuous site monitoring that lead to accelerating the deadline and delivery.

GACA General Authority of Aviation System
Project Manager
Dar Al-Handasah as CM in addition to being
the consultant and technical supervision at
A/E Office
Main Contractor
Saudi Bin Laden Grp (SBG)
Project Value
SR 1,171,232,139

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