Medina Road, City Center Block-D, 7th Floor, Suite 16.
Jeddah, KSA.


Who we are

Building Roots is an established engineering and contracting firm since 2005 of a high profile collective experience of its founders for more than 30years in the construction industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Team

Our Top Management Team is a skilled personnel with over than 30 years in the field of construction industry in the Gulf market and working with high profile multi-billion projects and of international standard with the involvement of companies of international reputation.

Our Team Philosophy is:
  • Understanding the knowledge of modern management and the design and construction process.
  • Direct involvement with the site and close monitoring to the mission- oriented nature of each project separately.
  • Continuous education in the construction management and executional systems related to all aspects.
  • Perfectionist mentality.
  • Educating and preparing second generation staff for the continuity.
  • Respecting the time frame.
  • High concentration on quality without affecting the time frame of the project, and this is one of the success keys of Building Roots.